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Finally the time has come. Yesterday my love and I gave us the vows before the registrar have. Only our families and closest friends were there. Then we celebrated in a small, cozy restaurant.

My name is Petra. I am 27 years old. I’m 1.70 tall and had shoulder-length brown hair. I work at a bank here in the city. My husband, Frank is 31 years old. We’ve known for eight wonderful years. Frank’s car mechanic and works at one of the local car dealerships. He loves his job and he loves cars. Sometimes pisses me something, but I’ve come to terms with his hobby. Whenever he meets up with his buddies on weekends to screw either on a car to view car racing, I take the time for me. From time to time I meet my friends for coffee. Often, however, I also enjoy the peace and quiet at home and relax with a sumptuous bathroom. We got engaged romantically half a year ago. It was only a matter of time because we both know that we will love each other forever. The happier I am now that we’re finally married. Of course we also want to have children, but we both want to wait until one or two more years.

Today is the day of our church wedding. I’m so happy for the celebration. Already at eight I have an appointment at the hairdresser. At ten o’clock I’m done and go to my parents, to attract me. My best friend and maid of honor Ivette helps me. “Hey, Petra. The You do not want take seriously your dress. Poor Frank,” she laughs and looks at my lingerie on the bed. “And if I’m going to surprise them. I eventually want to have something from the wedding night.” We both burst into laughter. Ivette know what I mean. If Frank had a hard day or had been drinking at the weekend with his friends one, then after that nothing was running. I could make it only with hot underwear at least on my attention. Sometimes I came then to my right but most also did not help. My main concern is that he also exaggerates our wedding reception and we spend a rather unspectacular wedding night. At least I will do everything to make them but memorable. He eventually should see what he has fished there for a hot brush.

So I sit down on the chair and put my underwear on. First, I put around my garter belt. It is made of white silk. Then I roam over my paper-thin white stockings. You have a wide margin. I stroke it smooth and attach it to the hook garters. I will stick to the small, silken thong. A great feeling on my freshly shaved pussy. The silk is quite cool and I get goose bumps. Since my wedding dress has a deep neckline, I do without a bra. I wear a rather rare anyway because my breasts through much exercise and good genes already very tight. Ivette whistles, like a construction worker. Then she helps me in my wedding dress. The dress is long and if I do not wear shoes, it comes down to the ground. The skirt is smooth and wide. The top is patterned. The zipper is under the left armpit. Since I have it respected, so that I can ever go to the toilet. Shoulders and back are free. In the mirror I check the seat of necklines. Satisfied, I turn myself Ivette. “Wow, Petra. You look absolutely stunning. Good enough to eat.” “Thank You hand me my shoes?” “Hey, you can even walk in it? Those are pretty high heels.” “Sure, I’ve already worn more than once.” I sit back in the chair and slip into the white shoes. The shoes are closed with smooth leather and forward. So I have better grip, they have a strap that I consider myself to my ankle. Am I standing. Now everything is perfect. Last Ivette still helps me to put on the veil.

As I enter the church, a murmur goes through the ranks. I’m surprised how many people are there. I know some colleagues. but then I only have eyes for my husband. Frank is a little nervous in front of the altar and expect. He can not turn his eyes off me. I do not. He wears a black, very elegant suit. To classic white shirt and a bow tie. It looks really great. Very different than usual in his blue overalls. At last we arrived the front and the ceremony begins. As in a dream I experience the wedding ceremony. it’s over too quickly.

Outside, already expect some friends and colleagues to congratulate us. After we brought the usual games behind us, we drive in the wedding car to the hotel where our celebration is taking place. We have about 100 guests were invited. Friends, relatives and a few select colleagues. At the hotel we are initially busy to take the gifts and congratulations of all guests receive. Inside already pounce the first to the cake buffet. About three we can trigger relaxed with our guests. Again and again we kiss intimately. This is followed by an endless photo session. Only towards the 5 we can relax a bit and enjoy the day. For the first time we have the opportunity to talk with our guests. After an hour we are asked to open the dance. A classic waltz is played by the band. More and more people crowd onto the dance floor and soon I’ll clapped. Everyone wants one. I enjoy dancing. Frank pulls back as soon as an opportunity arises. I watch him from the corner of her eye. He sat down at a man not known to me at the table. This is the table with his colleagues, so I suppose this is one of his colleagues. The two laugh violently and talk stimulated. At some point, it is possible also for me to remove myself from the dance floor. I go to Frank. “Hey, honey. You know you?” “No, I have not had the pleasure,” replies his colleague. “Petra, that’s Klaus, our new champion. Klaus, this is my beautiful wife Petra.” “I am very pleased, He has previously worked at a branch office and they offered him the master post here. His family has not come along. He is married and has three children. He was very happy that we have invited him. Unfortunately, his wife could not come because that was not possible on such short notice. He’s only been here two weeks. Frank, he has appointed his deputy.

A quarter of an hour we chat with each other. Then Frank is taken from his nephew in fog. Klaus and I are now alone. “If we want to venture a little dance?” “Gern, Klaus.” We go to the dance floor. He takes me in his arms and we dance going on. Klaus is an excellent dancer. It can super lead. I enjoy it. After four songs, the band announced a break. I tell him that I urgently need fresh air. We go outside on the terrace. It dawns easy, but is not cold. The fresh air is really good. I take a deep breath and close my eyes. When I open my eyes again, I realize that Klaus is staring at my breasts. We stroll around a little. In the garden of the hotel I sit down on a bench. The employees have designed seat cushions everywhere. Thus there is no danger that I defile my dress. Klaus sits down opposite me on a chair. “Whew, that feels good. My feet are killing me. And I have my shoes really well run-in.” “Petra, You know the saying with gloves and urine.” We laugh. “If it helps, I can gladly times massaging your foot.” “I do not know. Let me see, it’ll be all right.” “Here we are, no one will be watching Come on. Come on.. The bush there blocked the view. I will tell it to anyone.” “That’s not it. All right, here.” I lift my skirt a little and present to him my left foot. Klaus attacks the lower leg to me and opens my straps. Then he takes off my shoe and put his hand under my hoe. “Just relax. You’ll see the works wonders. “Skillfully, he begins my foot massage. First, he kneads the top, then the bottom. I laugh because I’m a bit sensitive. The feeling is wonderful. After about 5 minutes he pulls me my shoe back on and taking care of immediately to the right foot. I close meanwhile your eyes and enjoy the pleasant feeling. Suddenly I cringe high. I feel something hard on my foot. I tear my eyes and see how Klaus pressed my foot against his pants. I can clearly feel his manhood. I want to withdraw my foot immediately, but Klaus holding him. “Klaus, please stop. I think this is a misunderstanding. “” Well, a misunderstanding so. So that you put me your hot foot on the tail you think is a misunderstanding. “” But, I have yet not done and if it was not intentional. “” Well, well, not intentional. All right. You do not like because of what you feel now? “I can feel his tail twitching. As by themselves my toes and increase move the pressure on his cock.” Well you see, Petra. It you like that. “With his hand he tries under my skirt to ride and stroking my legs. I manage to withdraw my foot. I pull my shoe back on and get up. At the same moment Klaus rises and we both represent us impervious to. I can feel his breath on my skin. I lift my head and look at him. We can look deep into her eyes. Much like saying our lips approach each other and merge into an infinitely beautiful kiss. More violent we kiss. Our arms wrap around to the other and our tongues play with each other violently body. Oh, God, Petra. What are you doing here? This is your wedding. But that does not matter to me at the moment. Klaus hands wander down to my back and lie down on my butt. With a jerk he pulls me ran to him. I groan when his erect penis pierced in my stomach. I feel the size of its stake. I’m curious. “Petra, you’re so beautiful. I’ve seen pictures of you in the locker by Frank. From that moment on, I wanted you. And I must say that you are much more beautiful than the photos. Turn around ask for and enjoy it.” I was curious to see what happens now. I turn around. Klaus first kisses my shoulders and then he kisses down my back. I hear how he puts the seat cushion from the chair to the floor and bows on it. Then I feel his hands on my butt. He gently kneaded my cheeks. Then I feel the wind on my lower legs. Very slowly he lifts my dress higher. His hands already play around my knee. He still pushes my dress up. When his hands touch my bare thighs, I tremble. I’m curious to see what happens next. “Ohhhh!” I cry when I feel his fingers on my pussy. “Hmmm. Petra. You’re all wet.” Slowly his finger finds a way into my panties. I moan loudly as Klaus can slide his finger through my column. Then he pushes his hand higher and take my panties. I do not know why I let it, but Klaus pulls my panties off. My skirt falls down again as he helps me to get off my panties. In the corner of my eye, I see how he throws it on the bench. “Wait, Klaus.” I lift up my dress and kneel on the bench. I pull my dress is even higher to see until my naked butt. Then I think it firmly with one hand and support me with the other forwards. I look over my shoulder and see how Klaus opens the pants. Without hesitation, he lets them glide to the ground. In his underpants I already see a decent bump. When he pulls down his briefs, I am amazed not bad about the size of his Gemächts. Klaus tritt very close behind me. He takes my leg and put it aside. Now he can come between my open legs. “Klaus, I think we should stop now That’s not right..” But Klaus does not seem to remember. He shoves his hand between her legs, stroking my labia. “Please Klaus, do not do that,” I protest. However, my body signaled something else. “Uah, help,” I moan when Klaus presses a finger between my lips. I am now totally hot. “Should I really quit?” “Klaus, that’s not right.” Klaus withdraws his hand and I immediately feel his wet penis between my legs. “Should I really quit?” I groan. “You have to say. Should I stop or should I up here and fuck now?” “Please, Klaus, torment me not. I do not know. Oh shit!” Klaus pierced his stake through my labia. Instinctively, I try to suck him into my cave. But he holds back. “Will you again be pure or fucked?” “Klaus, please!” “Answer me!” “Yeah, I want to be fucked. Please push it to me finally in.” “What am I to you finally push it?” “Oh, God. I finally sliding your cock in. I’m hot like that. I want to be here and now fucked by you.” At last he has mercy and gives me his longed-tail. With a single jerk, he stumbles into me until it stops. I want to scream, but I will be spinning. he immediately withdraws. To the extent that my labia cling desperately to his penis. I want to feel this great cock in me again. I press my pelvis against, but Klaus did not remember him reinzustecken me deeply again. “Oh, please. Skewer me again. I want your hot Fickstab deep into my cunt. I want you injected your baby juice in my pussy. Let me come. I want to be your horse,” I Winsel. I’ve never begged for a tail. And finally I feel him again drilling deep into me. My hand covers the back of the bench, my other hand clutches at the fabric of my dress and my body tenses like a bow. I groan aloud and throw my head back. Klaus puts a hand under my chin. Then his hand moves over my mouth so that it suppresses the appetite screams. His other hand he puts on my hip and pulls me so with every thrust close to him ran. More and more he pushes into me. Its size does not bother me more. On the contrary, I want to be fucked even deeper. His balls slap on my thighs and our juices there is a sucking sound, every time he completely impaling me. I’m so horny. I want to be fucked, fucked and nailed. This wild stallion is everything. Faster and stronger his sword pierced into my vagina. I feel that I explode at any moment. As electric shock flashed through me my orgasm. First, the violent contractions of my abdominal muscles, then pulling in my pussy and then this infinite feeling horny when my entire abdominal cramps. I love to come. I want to scream, but Klaus prevented by his hand on my mouth. And then I feel it so intense. I feel, as Klaus Schwanz further swells. I feel how the sperm is highly torments his long shaft and how it then soaked my vagina with crazy force. Again and again I feel shooting from its tail more. And again. And another one. Very slowly, I can feel it subsides. Then re-twitch now and then it gets wet. The man must have completely filled me. As should go in anymore. Klaus is still stuck for a while in me. I enjoy that. It feels so great to feel such a cock deep inside me. I am completely filled. Slowly I feel how the liquid is looking for a way out. The more his cock shrinking inside me, the easier our juices flowing out of me. When Klaus pulls his cock out of me, I sigh. Too much I would still keep him in me. But what is there flows between my legs on the bench, is amazing. The sticky liquid flows only way out of me. I still feel that I am still totally full. Very carefully, I get up. Very anxious to do anything dirty. With highly held dress I turn to Klaus. Legs I stand before him. The already pulling himself up on his pants. I grin at him. “And now? If I let down my dress now, I Sudel me totally one. Maybe Do you have a towel?” Klaus reaches into his pocket and pulls out a handkerchief. I want it to take, but he bends down and begins to clean my labia. Again and again he wipes me through the column. Slowly the current recedes sperm. His handkerchief, however, is totally soaked in our juices. When I feel sure I Klaus please don my panties. He takes it and stoops. I climb through the leg openings. Very slowly he pulls it up to me. Before he covered my pussy, he looks at me again and sighs. “What was that?” “Having I still can not believe properly so fucked beautiful pussy.” I laugh at him, and keep his handkerchief in his hands. “That should be proof enough. What should we do with it?” He takes it, folds it and puts it back on. “Maybe we need that again today. I’d be glad about it in any case.” “Let’s see.” Together we go back to the party. It seems that no one has noticed our absence.

After the meal, the mood is relaxed. I actually dance all night. Only once I have the opportunity with Klaus to dance. All the time we stare into our eyes, but not say a word. The later the evening the more fun the celebration. Unfortunately, my husband. He can barely stand. Ivette comes to me and says, with a view to Frank: “Well, honey, because you have to make an effort neat to still have a fulfilling wedding night you though.” Slightly acidic and disappointed I reply: “I’m afraid you’re right, if this continues, then it will not work with the wedding night, I can wear what I want…” She hugs me. I have to fight, not to burst into tears. Slowly the room emptied. Some of the guests stay as we in the hotel. Klaus also a room has taken. About three o’clock I beg to bring to bed Klaus to help me, Frank. With a mischievous smile, he agrees. Together we manage to bring Frank in our bridal suite. I’m not sure if he still will notice that. As I have Frank laid on the bed, I feel Klaus hands on my butt. “Not Klaus. Not here. Please go now.” I renounce him and urge him to the door. “Petra, I will not go. Please let me stay with you.” “Klaus, please go now. I’m tired. Also, my husband is asleep next door.” “All right, but if you put it on you differently, I live in 114.” “Good night and thanks for everything.” “Good night.” I close the door and go into the bedroom. On the bed is Frank, still in the suit. I undressed him and cover him. Now and then he opens his eyes briefly. Then I take off my dress and try to wake him up again. I’ll make it even. But instead of making him sharply with my hot underwear, struck him again eyes and he falls asleep. I roll down the first tears on the cheeks. So I have not imagined my wedding night. I’m the one hand very sad, but also scary angry at Frank. I open my suitcase and look after what I have packed everything. I packed only a costume next to underwear, I want to put on tomorrow. We plan to have breakfast with our guests to complete and then go home. Without thinking, I prefer my blazer over my bare skin and get into the skirt. Then I leave the suite. I go to the elevator. In the mirror, I see that the skirt for the wide edge of my stockings is too short. On the first floor I get out. I knock on the door with the number 114. A short time later Klaus opens the door. He only wears his briefs. “May I?” I ask in a shaky voice. Klaus tritt aside and let me in. He closes the door and we are facing. Klaus sees my tears and takes me first in the arm. I lean on his shoulder. “So what’s going on?” I tell him that I have so much looking forward to the wedding night. And then my husband is drinking into a coma and I stay on the track. Klaus still holding me in her arms. “Klaus, please do not get me wrong, but I need it tonight. I just came to make you fuck me.” “Petra, I am very proud, that I may spend your wedding night with you. Come here. “He kisses me on the forehead. We go hand in hand to his bed. He sits on it while I strip off my blazer. He sighs when he sees my breasts.” Petra, you are so beautiful. What have I done to deserve this? “” Shut up and take off your panties! “I look fixedly at his bar. Its tail bobbing up and down. I reach back and open the zipper on my skirt. I just let him slide down . with two steps I stand next to his bed. I reach the cuffs of my thong and pull it out of me. Klaus is staring at me with his mouth open. I climb into bed with him. Klaus lies on his back. his cock resting on his belly. I kneel beside him and put my hand on his cock. Slowly and with a deep look in his eyes I start to jerk him. Getting stiffer his penis in my hands is. Then I lean over him and lick with my tongue the first drops of his penis. “Mhh that tastes like more.” I umspiele his spear with my tongue. I drive down to the bottom and then lick his balls. Slowly I go back up. All the while rubbing my hand over his staff. Once at the top, I open my lips and suck it into my mouth. Actually, I’m a little sensitive, but now I drop all inhibitions and shove his cock deep in the throat. With my cheeks I try to massage him. Then I let him slip out of my throat. To make it really hot, I let it slip through my teeth. “Oh God. Do that again and I’ll be. “” Well, I will in any case. “A little more carefully I suck again on his tail. With my tongue I can feel his sperm slowly moves upwards. But I will still leave fidget him something . I’ll retire and caress only very gently with my fingers on his penis. “you beast.” I grin to Klaus. “Say it. Say that you want to inject me in my mouth. “” Please, Petra. I want you squirt my cream deep into your throat. Please blow me one. “With pleasure I take back his hard before. I move up and down. Again and again I push his cock deep into my throat. Again I feel the sperm rising. But this time I do not stop. This time will I taste it. After two times up and down, I feel the first drops on my tongue. Frantically begins his penis to twitch. My fingers feel the semen is pumped through his cock. Deep in my throat, he shoots his load. I swallow like a lunatic. With so much I did not expect. I need to get much air, but still it shoots out of the opening. I dismiss it out of my mouth to breathe deeply. Meanwhile squirts his cream in the face and breasts. I manage to lead the last outpourings back into my mouth. Then it stops and I still suck him for a while, until nothing comes. Then I look up at Klaus. Throughout my face his sperm depends. With one finger I go through my face and then lick it off. Then I look at my breasts. Both breasts are full of sperm. I rub it with my hands. “Look what you’ve done. What a pig.” Then I kuschel me Klaus. We look again deep into my eyes and kiss passionately. I feel his hand deeper hike. Finally, it rests between my legs. Very gently he begins to caress my pubic mound. Deeper and deeper walking his fingers. When they touch my clitoris, I groan. Carefully, I open my legs. a finger immediately finds its way into my sopping wet pussy. Closely cuddled I let myself be pampered by his fingers. In no time he has fingered me to orgasm. Very gently he begins to caress my pubic mound. Deeper and deeper walking his fingers. When they touch my clitoris, I groan. Carefully, I open my legs. a finger immediately finds its way into my sopping wet pussy. Closely cuddled I let myself be pampered by his fingers. In no time he has fingered me to orgasm. Very gently he begins to caress my pubic mound. Deeper and deeper walking his fingers. When they touch my clitoris, I groan. Carefully, I open my legs. a finger immediately finds its way into my sopping wet pussy. Closely cuddled I let myself be pampered by his fingers. In no time he has fingered me to orgasm.

As I recovered again, I begin to fondle his penis. I will raise it again and finally fuck with him. It also does not take long and I feel him stiffen. An interesting spectacle is already like a male member is stretched higher and higher. Finally, I am very satisfied with my work. I put my left leg over him and sit astride him. I push myself up. I reach between my legs and leads his penis in my mouth. A couple of times I let the opening slide through my column. Every time I tremble with pleasure. I can not wait to finally feel him in me again there. Then I sit down slowly on his towering cock. I hold my breath while his scepter blazes deeper way into my Fickhöhle. With a cry of pleasure I hear that he is whole in me now. I bow down to Klaus and we kiss. Then I straighten up again and begin to circle my pelvis. An incredible feeling. In me moves his spearhead and makes me totally insane. Long I can not stand it. I’m going to push greedy and start me up slightly. Yet his cock sliding out of my pussy. I express myself up so far that his penis is only embraced by my labia. When lowered, we moan both very violent. Mistaken, how deep Klaus invades me. The game I repeat three times. Then I just have to ride him. I increase the pace. More wildly I ride him. If I have completely pushed me, I remain short. Klaus uses it to me with his pelvis three, to miss four violent shocks. That brings me mad. I scream for more. “Oahhh, Klaus. Do that again and I explode.” And that’s what I’m doing next time. It seems to me so hard that I almost can not hold me. Klaus noticed that and supported me with his hands. I then sacke like a wet sack together on his chest. “Klaus, which was great. So violently, I have never experienced an orgasm. I want more.” I start again to ride him. I feel my power fades. Klaus recognizes and turns me deeply with his penis in my back. Now he is on me. I wrap my legs around his body. Klaus immediately starts to gyrate his pelvis violently. I try to spread even further to take him deeper into me my legs. It hurts a little. I forgave my face. “Is everything ok?” “Yes, I have to just get used to it. So far no one has put in me. I think you encountered in my uterus. Slow down on.” Klaus slowed his pace. Finally I overcome the pain and a feeling of indescribable pleasure is spreading. I have nothing to say Klaus. He sees it in my eyes rolling. Now he hammers again like a wild man in my pussy. Every time he retires, he lifts me into the air. Then he joins with an immense force. Our bodies burrow deep into the mattress. I quieke with each thrust. The sweat runs Klaus over his body. “Ohh, Petra, I kommee” Klaus pressed out from between his lips. I see his face tense and feel as he soaks my insides with a huge load of cum. With so much I did not expect after the flute solo. More and more love juice he pumped into me. Now passes through me also another orgasm. My vaginal muscle spasm around his penis like a vise. Klaus screams. However, I feel his cock still pulsates in me. Wild I move my head from left to right. is too good feeling. I want it never ends. From me, Klaus can get stuck all night in me. Then Klaus falls exhausted me. We kiss passionately. After a few minutes he rolls off of me. My legs are wide open on the bed. I feel how far my pussy gapes. That was perhaps a fuck, my dear Scholli. I feel rauslaufen the juices out of me. but that does not matter to me. I am the happiest woman. A dream has come true. I was fucked properly in my wedding night. is the only disturbing that my Stecher’s not my husband, but his boss. We pat ourselves on our glowing body. Then we cling on to each other and can overwhelm us from sleep.

About an hour later I wake up. I look at the clock. It is just after five. I get up and look my panties. Instead of attracting it, I put it on the pillow. Then I get into my skirt, put on my my my blazer over smeared the sperm breasts and leave the room. I get into the elevator and go up. In the mirror, I see that my socks are extremely soiled. Hopefully nobody met. I quickly go to our room, open the door and go inside. Before I go into the bedroom, I take off naked. My stockings I pack in the suitcase. Without me clean, I lay down next to my husband to bed. Frank is sleeping soundly. I fall asleep immediately.

The next morning we both awakened by the alarm clock at 9:30. My husband has a huge skull. He no longer seems to know how he got into bed and then what is yet happened. He looks at my naked body. Then he looked at my still slightly irritated and gaping labia falls. He sees the dried sperm smiles to my pussy and. “So we had a beautiful wedding night.” “Yes, we had.” I kiss him and then go to the bathroom.

After we both showered and dressed, we pack our stuff together. Then we have breakfast both. The first guests are already awake and sitting at breakfast. In vain I wait for Klaus. I learn later that he has already left. As we drive around noon home, I am sure that I will never forget my wedding.

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