– “Yes, we leave tonight.”
– “You know the little cellar woods next to the house? ”
– ” No why ? ”
– “Oh, you have to see, there are antiques inside. ”
– “Ah, I did not know …,” said the young Asian, a little worried.
– “Oh well, this is my nephew, Kevin happens. We can go together, right? “Exclaimed Vigouroux.

Kevin called must be eighteen years. He was fat, like his uncle, and red. His round face was white and studded with as many freckles as acne pimples. His beady little black eyes did not reflect the intelligence and made him a totally stupid. Dressed in a white shirt and a gray short trousers, he had the same air porcine his uncle …

Naomi did not know that Andrew was accustomed to invite Vigouroux take coffee on Sunday morning, while his wife went to church. This weekend there, the couple hosted the son of the sister of madame, who do not like churches and joined his uncle.

– “Kevin, say hello to the lady! “Threw the fish with a strange voice.

Little Kevin muttered a “salvation” almost inaudible and blushed watching Naomi, half-naked in the kitchen. The latter was very excited by the situation and now waiting Vigouroux initiatives.

– “That you mind if we are going to walk around with the young lady, Andre? ”
– “No, as long as you make it in good condition for Olivier …” he laughed.
– “We will not hurt him, will, worry not! “Guffawed Vigouroux.
– “I should perhaps put something else …,” said Naomi in a final effort.
– ” But no ! No need, miss, it’s right next door, there is none for a long time, “replied the fishmonger, with a lustful gaze.

All three therefore went towards the famous winery that was far enough and relatively isolated on the property. Noémie inwardly fuming that his plan was sabotaged by the fishmonger. But she was both excited at the idea that fat pig and his nephew were kissing in the cellar. She grabbed at that moment that his conscience and wants more and more perverse mingled. “Disorder” was now part of it. Until what point ? The vicious uncle opened the door of the cellar and brought Naomi and Kevin. The place was dark and he was in the air a mixture of dust and sawdust. The fishmonger turned on the light and closed the heavy wooden door. Basically, several rows of logs were stacked. The floor was packed earth and irregular. A small dusty table, stored there obviously was almost in the middle of the room. And sides, shelves filled with various objects, very old. Lamps, tools, copper plates, pots, etc.

Naomi came to watch and stood on tiptoe. His shirt stood up and revealed her beautiful little ass Vigouroux and his nephew. The uncle then slipped in the back of Asian young and unbuttoned the shirt from behind, without asking. Noémie let her do, continuing to look at the junk. The garment was not long before falling to the ground. The old kneaded her breasts with both hands and kissed her on the neck. She turned her head and wrapped both languages.

– “Fuck, I was sure … A real bitch …” he muttered, dripping between two excavators drool.

The Philippine beautiful suddenly felt a hand on her black hair who intimated him to turn and kneel. Without a word, she complied. Kevin was red but bandaged like a bull. Vigouroux with a vicious air, asked him to come. The young man hesitated, but eventually joined his uncle.

– “Uncle, I have never … I know how to do …” gently tossed the kid.
– “Do nothing, just unpacked your cock. ”

The boy undid his short pants and pulled out his little tail stretched upward. Noemie swallowed in one gulp and sucked the kid thoroughly. The uncle laughed and went also gender. He approached the face of the young woman and slapped her with. Noémie, surprise, even quickened his pipe, to the delight of chubby nephew.

– “Oh, you’re a slut, you, a sucker, huh? And if we put you two in your mouth? ”

The Filipino stopped pumping beautiful and widely opened his mouth. Vigouroux guided his nephew and stood beside him. The two cocks found themselves glued to each other and Noémie captures to fit them into his gaping mouth. On a lick, licked both tassels and stuffed it put..Puis, unable to do more, she took care of two cocks alternately. She had one in each hand and shook while sucking. Her pussy was on fire and dripping with cum.

– “Dirty whore, you like that dick! “Bellowed Vigouroux.

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