She went down to the kitchen. Olivier and Andre were sitting. The latter, slightly annoyed by the delay Noémie, looked with disapproval. She apologized and took a chair. Sitting down, she winced, her anus is still very sensitive.

– ” What’s the matter ? “Asked Oliver.
– “Nothing, I came across something hard in the wood. ”

On the table, a bottle of red wine, bread and a large bowl in white porcelain. In the oven, roast beef and finished cooking on the stove was filled pan green beans.

– “You were in the rain all at the time? “Says Olivier.
– “Yes, but I bailed in the cabin,” said Noémie by using the leek soup.
– “Ah well you cross the Gerard and Stephen, right? “Asked Andrew.
– “Uh … Yes, yes …,” said the young Asian, unconvinced that it should give that information.
– “And the big Robert? He was there ? ”
“Ah .. Uh … Yes, too …” she said, blushing.
– “This big stinking pervert …” mumbled Andre with obvious disdain.

Noémie gradually found all his senses. It should analyze all the new elements. Yet she felt that something escaped her in this. A link, a detail which would lead to a track start. This mysterious message he came from an ally or brain of this story? And how long it was left before becoming totally “nymphomaniac” and lose control? “Disorder” constantly changing and she succumbed more easily to pleasure. Moreover, it participated, demanded, enjoyed with its “partners”. If it does not caused by taking the lead, she wondered still far it could go and if she did not end up being overwhelmed by his perverse desires.

– “It’s not me, it’s …” she kept repeating itself.

After lunch, she returned to her room to rest, while his companion accompanied his uncle for some shopping in the village. Lying on the bed, she remembered the whole scene of the cabin, in every detail. She pulled her dress and stuffed a hand into her panties. She had never felt such pleasure and pain mixed. She finally get rid of the pants and coat and quickly sank two fingers into her vagina flooded

Naked on bed, eyes closed, it widely spread her legs and engulfed her fingers in her pussy wet. She was thoroughly and are inserted a third. His left hand was taking care of her swollen clit massaging it very quickly. She waved the basin and, lifted a little in order to introduce yet more finger. She sank all four of more and gave a loud moan. She tried to go as deep as possible and squirmed to get there. Thinking back to his double penetration, the cock Bebert, its smell and black and wet hair that clung to his body, she tried to move the thumb and after a grimace of pain and some contortions, succeeded. His entire hand is waved in its expanded pussy and dripping cum.

On his laptop, a message flashed. The notification sound came Noémie his lustful thoughts and she fetched the device, still naked and sweaty.

– “Take the call. C., “it was written.

A few seconds later, the phone sonna..A the other end, a female voice was heard.

– “We have not much time, so listen to me well and do not interrupt me. ”
– “What? Who are you ? “Asked Naomi, totally lost.
– “Cassandra, my name is Cassandra and I am like you. ”

Noémie quickly realized what she meant. But could she believe? The stranger continued:

– “You are not alone, we are more in your case. I do not know the others, just you. And before you ask, no, I do not know what happens to us. But I know there are people behind this. ”
– “What? I understand it … How did you get my number? ”
– “Your number is in my husband’s directory. It also has one of your companion, I overheard their conversations, there are several weeks of that. They were talking about you. ”
– “What did they say? ”
– “They … by Damn, I have to go, I’ll contact you if I can. You’re suspicious-Olivier! “.
– ” Why ? Hello? Hello? ”

Cassandra had hung up. Noémie was stunned. Could she believe this girl? Olivier’s she had betrayed her? And who are these “people” in the shadows? All this information and the latest incidents had completely exhausted and she lay on the bed, naked, and then fell asleep.

She was awakened by a kiss on her left breast. She smiled, thinking it was Olivier. Outgoing fog slowly she remembered the strange phone call she took on the shot for a bad dream. She slowly turned her head to Olivier. But the man who was standing next to her was not her companion. It was Paul, one of ss cousins, a great fool 35 who lived with Adele, the former wife of Andrew. Paul had lingered and his red face and black eyes drooping expressed nothing. It was always a trickle of drool at the corner of the mouth and the front teeth wide apart. A thin mustache overhung his drooping mouth and thick brown hair appeared constantly in battle. The old boy felt terribly strong. Every week he came to see his father in moped. Quite thin, he wore that day a red overalls and a dirty old shirt that had to be white original. This piece is his old room, v regularly came to “do as before.”

– “Hello Naomi. “Paul said, while continuing to fondle the breast of the woman.
– “Uh .. Hi Paul …” said Naomi, without moving or pushing the boy’s hand.
– “They are soft, your tits ..”
– “Mm-Paul … thank you,” said the young Asian man, trembling. “Dad did not come home? ”
– “No, we’re all alone, it’s cousin who told me to go see if you were okay. ”
– “You saw in the village? “She asked while struggling against his” disorder “growing up.
– ” Yes. you’re beautiful, cousin Naomi ”
– “Mm-Thank you …”
– “Oh, there is water between your legs …”

Cum actually began to flow on the yellow blanket, still wet from what Naomi had done a few hours earlier. Paul, without embarrassment, put his hand between the thighs of his cousin and began to move his fingers. The sound of the lapping much amused. The girl bit her lip and spread her legs a bit.

– “Easy Paul, slowly …”

The boy softens the pressure but continued to play with the flooded pussy Noémie. It began to caress her breasts and further spread her beautiful golden thighs.

– “Paul, you should not … be there … … mmmhhh” managed to say Asian young while beginning to curl his body.

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