Kevin, a little overwhelmed, said nothing. He blindly followed his uncle.

– “Come on, get up and go to the table, little whore. ”

The Asian Young headed to the dusty furniture, followed by Vigouroux and his nephew. He ordered it to withdraw its short pants, while removed her pants. He stepped back behind the woman and raised his right leg and then made her sit on the table. The ass and pussy were so clear, and visible. He held the young Asian man by the shoulders, so she did not fall in this unstable position then slammed against her and guided his cock to the entrance of the anus. Slowly, he buggered up the guard, shooting him a long groan.

– “Come on Kevin, bring him down and smash her pussy! ”
– “What? Uh … Yes … ok ”

The boy stepped forward and pinned him against the young woman in a trance. She grabbed the cock with one hand and guided her to her flooded hole. The redhead pulled it a large and violent jerk.

– “Yeah, my big, go, limes me this bitch! ”

And the two began to smash the two holes at the same time, of synchronous. Beautiful stood at Kevin’s neck, which now looked with a superior air and excitement. He stuffed all the forces are holding on to his outstretched leg on the table and his shoulder. Noémie stuffed his tongue into the mouth of the redhead and rolled him a huge shovel. Behind the uncle bugger as hard as he could. Both fat bellies are plastered on the golden skin of beautiful Asian sweaty. They limaient in the background folded balls, the more deeply they could.

– “Dirty whore, he fuck you, my uncle, right? “Kevin said, breathlessly.
– “Yes, yes …” said Noémie between moans.
– “Yeah, buddy, that’s how you should talk to him, this bitch. ”
– “Bitch, you love dick too, eh, my friends, they would kiss you like a big slut …”

Saying that, he still had accelerated and was plying Philippine beautiful. The uncle then decided he had to change position. He put Noémie the square against the table and offered the small hole to his nephew that engulfed them directly. He pounded the hole as hard as he could, grabbed the hips of the beautiful Asian. The uncle took advantage of the show and shook.

– “bugger me stronger! Even stronger ! ”

Poor Kevin gave everything he had and literally smashing ass Noémie

– “Fuck, I’ll spit …”
– “In his mouth in her mouth! ”

Naomi heard the set and when the chubby redhead withdrew, knelt down, mouth open. Kevin largua its thick and fragrant paste directly into it at great jets, groaning heavily, smile to the lips. Vigouroux approached and after good wanking, flooded the face of the young Filipino large spurts of gooey and smelly sperm.

– “It’s better than the Mass, right? “Said the uncle, laughing.
– “Oh fuck, yes, downright! “Kevin cried, flushed and happy.

Uncle swung an old cloth handkerchief on the face of Naomi and told her to wipe. Having dressed again, they returned to the house, as though nothing had happened. Olivier took his coffee in pajamas in the kitchen.

– “Here, little Oliver! Precisely, we talked about you with your companion! We were visiting the winery with the kid. ”
– ” Ah well. Hi Kevin! ! But you are sweaty, you ran? ”
– “Er, yes, your friend gave us some exercise. “Said Vigouroux, smiling.

Kevin had the same vicious smile that his uncle by listening to talk. He looked at the young Asian who had served again coffee.

– “It’s better with cream, right? “Threw him there, making a nod to his uncle, hilarious.
– ” Yes, it’s true. “She replied, a little annoyed.

She returned to her room and locked herself. The plan had gone wrong, even very wrong. She sat on the bed, his head in his hands. Then she saw the chair mobile Olivier. She lit it and ran the directory looking for Cassandra. Nothing but a number belonging to a certain X and one on behalf of the interpellèrent Garance. She memorized and handed the phone to his place.
Noémie had strange sensations in recent weeks. A light but persistent discomfort. This beautiful Asian Filipino, with big black eyes inherited from his Spanish father, tall, thin, with long golden legs like the rest of his body, however, was usually quite calm and confident. But without her knowing why, a cloudy gradually invaded. Nothing embarrassing in itself but it was thought that this should neither last nor grow. On rising, she consulted her cell to see his appointments for the day. His companion, Oliver was still asleep. In the shower, she gently soaped her body, spending time on her pretty small breasts. His buttocks were the same attention and intimacy, meticulously neat, with a very fine fleece cut into triangle attracted all the sweetness of his actions. Its beautiful matt skin and long black hair were rampant among men. Very clever that he could have sounded a specific age, because according to his mood and pouting, his face could either harden or be childish. Her luscious dark mouth had melted more than one, beautiful slightly thick lips cracked a grin. Younger, in high school, she had been the center of attention of many of her male comrades .. Without excessive flirting, a smile was enough to capsize the boys, to the chagrin of his girlfriends. She had played very little yet, at least not in these conditions … Olivier turned noisily. Naomi, now in white underwear,

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