the young woman of 23 years had opened a small computer repair box with an old classmate, Aude. This, blonde with blue eyes, a little larger but equally fine, Naomi knew from their 15 years. They remained the best of friends. They knew perfectly and small business work for the best.

That morning, Naomi had to move in a particular relocation of a camera and associated software. “Mr Verdier, 62, retired”, these were the information available to it on the client, in addition, of course, contact information. She knew from experience that these cameras were not used to communicate with the family … But regardless, she was not there to judge.

She pulled the little society Smart black beneath a greyish popular building. His client lived on the second floor. His bag on his arm, she approached the intercom:

– “Mr. Verdier, NODE computer. We had a date. ”
– “Oh yes, j’vous opens. ”

Naomi still had this strange feeling but not focalisa above. She climbed the stairs before knocking on the door of his client which opened on. Before her appeared a stocky, brown and balding, wearing a badly cut pepper mustache and salt. He was very overweight. A strong odor indicated that he had not showered for at least two days. To receive Noémie, he put a very white shirt open on his hairy chest and gray trousers. At her feet, a pair of slippers brown. Seeing the young woman he had a brief look amazed and delighted.

– “Hello, miss, come in, come in! ”
– “Good morning,” she said with a grin.

Naomi felt her strange feeling still invade gradually. A diffuse disorder that she could not identify. She handed him a two-sided printed sheet:

– “Here, it’s a form of satisfaction to complete at the end of the intervention. ”
– “Well, miss, it will be with pleasure. J’vous offers a coffee? ”

Noémie hesitated but finally agreed. As much comely show with a new client. Mr. Verdier disappeared into the kitchen, to the left of the entrance. The living room was in front, accessed by two glass doors slightly disorders. In the crack, she saw the computer on a small cabinet, facing a black office chair.

– “I’m going to start, if you will. ”
– “Okay, okay, j’vous shows the craft! ”

The living room was decorated with antique clear massive wooden furniture, embellished with a few trinkets. In the middle, a rectangular table covered with a red tablecloth with large orange flowers. The walls were white, but a bit dull. Naomi and Mr. Verdier headed the computer.

– ” Here ! I let you do! ”

Naomi sat in the seat and turned on the computer. Mr. Verdier stood behind her, leaning on the folder, looking over the young woman the screen. Noémie was increasingly troubled, firstly, by the presence in his back, that look that weighed on her and secondly, by increasing emotion in it she could not suppress. She activated the webcam that refused to function. She désinstalla the program and launched a disk scan.

– “It may take a while,” she said, smiling.

Noémie definitely not feeling the airse. She felt a warmth invade her breasts and hardened. An excitement? In this situation ? How was that possible? It could not be that, it was ridiculous. She could still feel the presence of Mr. Verdier in his back, which emphasized his disorder. She was eager that this intervention ends. The analysis was completed and Noémie reinstalled the entire program. The webcam worked again.

– “Oh, thank you, miss! J’ne not want to waste your time but could you settle “Skip”? ”

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