She realized he was talking about Skype and téléchargea on the net and installed it. Mr. Verdier told him that his friend René also had the same software and wanted to communicate with him. He handed her a paper with the nickname of his friend. Noémie recorded it.

– “He is at home now? ”
– ” I think so. ”
– “We’ll call to see if everything works. ”
– ” OK ! ”

Rene appeared on the screen. He was surprised to see Naomi first. Mr. Verdier explained the situation quickly.

– “She is very pretty, the tow truck! ”

Rene, she saw only the face, had the hollow cheeks, scattered black hair on his head and his smile showed some missing teeth. Its gray skin was dotted with acne holes and very pronounced wrinkles. He must have been about the same age that his client, maybe older. Suddenly Naomi froze, rooted to the chair. It contained nothing but felt a suddenly very excited and it seemed that his body no longer responded to his brain. Between her thighs, a warmth came over and she soon realized that she began to inexplicably wet. She prayed that neither of them noticing. Mr. Verdier returned for coffee that had finished running. Rene, meanwhile, had a strange gleam in his dark eyes staring Naomi.
She was not moving at all on his chair.

– “You’re cold, miss? ”
– “No … no, louse-why? ”
– “You point, I see through your shirt. ”

She blushed instantly. She mechanically stroked her breasts through the fabric as if to confirm what René suspected. He opened his eyes, smiled and fully savored what he saw. He tried the all out:

– “Remove it. ”

She felt an electric current run through his body, and without hesitation, she obeyed and revealed her white bra. She was like an automaton, unable to take control of his body. She knew what she was doing but could not oppose it. She shivered with all his being.

– “The bra now. ”

Rene was a maneuver on his keyboard and smiled in a way that chilled Naomi, now half-naked in front of this stranger. The man continued.

– “Your pants and your pants. ”

Again, she complied. Naomi felt excited, sex was soggy. Inwardly, by cons, it was attérée by what was happening. She took off her sneakers and jeans and slid the panties to the side,

– ” Good ! Up and down again begins to touch you, my pretty … ”

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